Workers’ meeting 1.11

We had a workers’ meeting in our church. Its goal was to discuss the church meeting times and contents with the leaders.

We have had student meetings on Friday evenings for more than a year now. We thought it would be more reasonable to change those meetings to serve the purpose of the whole church. Our purpose is also to have a pivotal role in the international community in Vaasa. The meetings will be called International Worship.

International Worship is an untraditional church service. We challenge the traditional methods what comes to church services. First of all the time of the week challenges the tradition. Also the contents will be radical. For example, every last Friday of the month we will have a discussion time, where everybody will have a chance to tell others what a certain verse in the Bible speaks to them personally. We want our church to be a place where the pastor is not the only one speaking when we open up in our Bibles. The music will be contemporary praise and worship music, because we believe it will bring new visitors and lift up our own minds away from the details of life. Come and see.

Traditionally our church has had three weekly meetings and even though we don’t believe in the power of tradition, the Vaasa church is going back to three-services-a-week. Our services will be on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday mornings.

God has blessed our church with new people and our church building is getting too small for us, so we started a meeting place committee, the purpose of which is to find strategic and temporal solutions for our situation what comes to the meeting place. Let’s pray for wisdom for the committee led by Kale Koskinen.

Our plan is to have special event in our church every month, either on Friday or on Sunday. Come and see!

Pastor Tero Fredriksson