Bible College - 4Q

Our Bible College starts a new course 9.10.2010 

And we are going to have 12 lessons on saturdays to Christmas and the end of this year. 
Lessons will be held in our church. We start at 12 o´clock (12 PM) and end at 15 o´clock (3 PM) 

Baptism - Kastejuhla

Chen, Gao and Snezhana was baptised in the sea today as the Church celebrated with the angels in Heaven. It was a joyous occasion for everyone. Many people gathered at Hietasaari to witness the baptism. Pastor Tero shared about the importance of baptism before the event. May God bless and use these three man and women of God to further His kingdom!

Visiting Jyväskylä conference 2010 - Käynti Jyväskylän seminaarissa 2010

In my opinion, the seminar in Jyväskylä was way too short! We left Vaasa on Friday afternoon and returned on Sunday. Guest speaker, Pastor James Morrison is now the pastor of the oldest Church in our Greater Grace World Outreach body, located in Marlborough, MA, USA. The whole weekend was filled with sound Biblical teachings which were easy to understand yet had depth.