Dear Church Members

Dear Friends,

I submit to you that today is the best day to commit yourself to the Great Commission. We have freedom of religion with all the mass media available for us. We shouldn’t have too many hindrances to outreach. The best outreach of course is the personal contact to an unbeliever (Romans 10:17). Unbelievers need someone "with skin on." They need someone that can help them to know God and how our God is operating in the world. Discipleship is possible to all believers through knowing him. We need to decide to grow as his disciples and part of this growth is to help others to become disciples. When we do this we are executing the Great Commission through our lives (Matt 28:18-20).

In these days we must ask the question: what I can do for the kingdom of God, who I can execute the great Commission through my life? Maybe you have a friend who is lonely or who doesn’t have a Church maybe he or she does not even believe in God. Maybe you have friend who has withdrawn from the fellowship. Now its time to pick up the phone, send a short message or encouragement through the social media and invite your friend to the Church.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!" (Isa 52:7)

Let’s harvesting together

Tero Fredriksson/Greater Grace Church

Bible College starts 11th of September


The course is 2 credits but an extra credit can be earned by reading Zane Hodges Commentary (6 USD) and writing the book report of 2-3 pages. The course consists of 18 lessons, and approximately 14 hours homework. Homework consists of personal study note from lessons, shared material and Dr. Bings Grace notes.

Course can be included to the diploma of Bible School studies (12 credits) or Associate of Biblical Studies Degree (60 credits) awarded by Ostrobothnia Bible College.


6pm Introduction 1: James, original readers and argument of the book
7 pm James 1:1-3 Testing of our Faith


6pm Introduction 2: Cultural Background of primitive Christianity
7 pm James 1:4-11 How to respond to the Changes


6pm Introduction 3: Doctrinal purpose(s) of the book
7pm James 1:12-18 – Don’t accuse god about trials

2.10.2013 James 1:19-20 (7 pm) – Behave well in trials

9.10.2013 James 1:21-27(7 pm) –Teachability is more than listening

16.10.2013 HOLIDAY SEASON BREAK – Traditional Wednesday service

23.10.2013 James 2:1-13 (7 pm) – Discipleship is more than morality

30.10.2013 – Free Grace Soteriology in the light of the letter of James, Instructor: Richard Grubbs, Ph.D.

6.11.2013 James 2:14-26 – True spirituality is more than passive faith (7 pm)

13.11 2013 James 3:1-12 (7 pm) – Tongue is a dangerous instrument to display wisdom

20.11. 2013 James 3:13-18 (7 pm) – Holy conduct is safe instrument to display wisdom

27.11 2013 James 4:1-10 (7 pm) – Wrath is the result of the worldliness

4.12.2013 James 4:11-5:6 (7 pm) –Judgmental and boasting spirits are results of worldliness

11.12 2013

Conclusion (6 pm)

James 5:7-20 (7 pm) – Perseverance will be rewarded

18.12.2013 (6 pm) Final exam


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