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It was began in 1987 May 1st with 8 children in a small rented house in Guntur, India. It has grown to 40 children in 1992. God has given us 1,5 acres of land 8 km from Guntur city. We built temporary living places for the boys and girls. God has helped us to build dormitories for boys and girls in 1999. We had 110 children from 2000 to 2008 June. Now we have 80 children.

We have some children who lost both parents and some with single parent from 4 years to 17 years. We provide 10 years of schooling in Grace Home. We take care for further studies for those children who want to continue their studies. Others will go back to their villages and be able to live with their relatives. In Grace Home we take care of children education, health, food and shelter. We take care of spiritual needs to share the love of Christ and teach bible every day.

Many children who come to 15 years and above accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and are baptized. Few are serving as pastors.


We have began in 1999 to preach the gospel in the villages where there is no churches. With a team of 10 or above we go village after village morning to evening house to house to share the gospel for a week or two weeks.


We would like to have a home for HIV positive children (for 20). We would like to provide good nutrition food, shelter, some medical needs and show the love of Christ, to have a joyfull days in Jesus Christ.

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