Blessed New Year 2012

We have the New Year and also a new beginning. Let us take the most out of it.

Who despises the day of small things? (Zechariah 4:10)

Our Church service time on Fridays has changed. We will start the meetings at 6.30 pm. Church will be open for everybody at 6 pm. We used to open the food table before the service, but in the future we will open our food table after the service, so we can have extended time of great fellowship together.

This Friday is the 13th of January. There is no biblical proof to be superstitious about the date 13th, so let us gather together also this Friday and proclaim the victory of Christ over tradition. We will have Pastor Risto Kyrö as a guest speaker and we can be sure that God has something great for us this Friday

With Many Blessings

Tero Fredriksson, Pastor