It is said that unexplored are the ways of the Lord. It is an amazing story how the cooperation between the Vaasa Church and the Nakuru Church in Kenya started, and therewith the beginning of the whole work of GGWO in Kenya. A young woman from Kenya came to Vaasa to study and she found a home in the GGWO church here. Her pastor from Kenya contacted our pastor to find out about the church this girl attended in Vaasa. In such a way began the correspondence between Peter Ndungu Nganga, the Senior Pastor of the Body of Christ Ministries in Kenya and Juha Haatanen, our pastor in Vaasa at that time and the founder of the GGWO Vaasa, at the moment the Senior Pastor in our church in Helsinki. The result of the correspondence was Pastor Juha's first trip to Kenya with a small team in 2005. That visit joined the hearts of the Finnish and Kenyan christians and the expression of joined hearts has been continuing since then between GGWO churches in Finland and Body of Christ ministries in Kenya.

Since then many Finnish church members and pastors have visited Kenya. Pastor Juha Haatanen has been to Kenya five times and Pastor Peter Nganga has been to both Vaasa and Helsinki. Now there is total of five Body of Christ Ministries churches in Kenya - two in Nakuru, one in Kinangop, one in Nairobi and another one just outside of Nairobi. There is also nine churches in Kisii that are interested in a close relationship with us.

Pastor Tero & Peter in Kenya 2008
Pastor Tero Fredriksson and Peter Gooden in Nakuru.

Nakuru. The girls in front of their sewing school, which work as a boarding school. Six girls sleep in the same about 10 square metre room with two beds on each other, but they are proud and happy to be able to be at that school.

Nakuru. Evangelism concert.

In Bible school in Nakuru

The Church room in Nakuru.

Nakuru. One of the children has a godfather in Finland.

Self-made toy car.

Tanzania 027
Visit in Tanzania.

Kenia 033
At left the Senior Pastor In Kenya, Peter Ndungu Nganga from Nakuru, and at right Pastors from Kinangop church.

Kenia 034
Kinangop church own building.

Kenia 045
Nairobi. Magdas father and Pastor Tero Fredriksson from Vaasa church. Magda studies in Vaasa.

Kenia 051
Pastor Thairu and Assistant Pastor Steven from Nairobi Church.

Kenia 053
Nairobi. Much more various ministry on the missions fields than at home. There are little workers but lot of harvest.

Kenia 055
The Pastors met in Nairobi in October 2008.


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