Polish Summer Conference 12.-19.7.2014

Polcon 2014, Polish Summer Conference will be this year in Zakopane in Southern Poland 12.-19.7.2014

The Conference will be at Spa Hotel Geovita in Zakopane, Centrum Konferencyjno-Rekreacyjne Geovita w Zakopanem, ul. Wierchowa 4, 34-500 Zakopane.
The prices in USD or EUR in the English brochure are only estimated fees. Registration fee has to be paid in PLN (=Polish Złoty) in advance to the bank account mentioned on the brochure. Accommodation fee has to be paid in PLN direct to the hotel. So if you like to know the exact fees in PLN you need to check them from the Polish brochure. Information about the conference and a registration form in English and Polish is available at Warsaw Church web page.
Information about the conference is also available in Facebook at address www.facebook.com/PolCon2012, mainly in Polish.


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Kesäseminaari Zakopanessa Puolassa 12.-19.7.2014