Baptism - Kastejuhla

Chen, Gao and Snezhana was baptised in the sea today as the Church celebrated with the angels in Heaven. It was a joyous occasion for everyone. Many people gathered at Hietasaari to witness the baptism. Pastor Tero shared about the importance of baptism before the event. May God bless and use these three man and women of God to further His kingdom!

First to get baptised was Gao, he has been in Vaasa for a year and have been coming to our Church regularly. Gao shared his testimony of first believing in God, then finding out the answers to the many questions which he has about Christianity. Gao’s strong faith in God serves as a good example to us all – that we should have God in the centre of our lives, and leave all troubles and doubts to God for He is almighty and can solve all things. 

Second to get baptised was Chen. Chen has only been in Vaasa for less than a month, and she has only been a Christian for the same amount of time! Praise God for saving Chen and for her beautiful testimony of how God’s love touched her life. She started out in Vaasa perfectly and we all believe that God will continue to work in her. She has brought much joy and positive energy into our family and we thank God for this precious sister.

Third to get baptised was Snezhana. Snezhana has been in our Church for a little less than a year but she is such a sweet and caring servant of Christ. She serves in the music ministry occasionally and brings happiness amongst our midst. Her testimony of following God and standing up for her faith touched our hearts. May God continue to use her in His special way!

Chen, Gao and Snezhana kastettiin kauniina sunnuntaisena iltapäivänä Vaasan Hietasaaressa ja kasteen jälkeen pidettiin vielä juhlat pastorin kotona. Paikalle tuli tosi paljon seurakunnan väkeä todistamaan tapahtumaa ja meille kaikille tilaisuus oli mieluisa. Kiitos Herralle kaikesta ja siunauksia uusille veljille ja sisarille.

- Anita & Klaus -