The founding of the church

The GGWO-church in Vaasa was founded at the beginning of 1997, and at that time the church’s pastor was Juha Haatanen. The church started off with meetings in homes, where a small group of people gathered on Sunday mornings to listen to the Word of God. A little later we started to gather also on Wednesdays. From September 1997 we rented our accommodation, Forum, at Rauhankatu 8. We left the address at 31th of December 2011. After that all our weekly gatherings are at Methodist Church at Rauhankatu 12. Today we gather three times a week. The meetings form the basis of our teaching and preaching activity.


When we started our church here in Vaasa we did not have any goals to form big groups of people. Our purpose was only to serve God. God has been faithful to us, and He has given us more than we even hoped for. Our church consists of people who God has picked with His own hands from the world. We are a group of different nationalities, occupations and backgrounds, but before all we are believers in whose life God's work has happened. The positive change would never have been naturally possible for us, but we want to give the glory to Christ and His body, i.e. the church, where He is the head and we are His limbs. In addition to the meetings we have other activities in our church, where everyone can experience God's love in a special way and gets a possibility to know God better through His Word. Welcome to join us. There is a place for everyone to grow and be loved.