Virtual meeting room: Armonsrk

We are switching from the Jitsi platform to a new service called 8x8. The new service offers better tools for room management, but its interface is similar to Jitsi. 
Participating on a computer
To join a meeting room with your laptop or desktop, simply go to the following link in your browser: 
The program will ask permission to use the camera and microphone, and you need to allow them so you can participate in the discussion. 
You will then be asked for a name. We stream our services online so that we can be closer as a community, and having your name helps us do that. If you need to be anonymous for reasons of personal safety, please let us know beforehand so we can help protect your identity.
You should turn off your microphone and camera when you are not speaking. 
Participating on a mobile phone 

On a mobile phone, download the 8x8 application. 
Use the app to join a meeting room as a guest. The name of the room is: Armonsrk/armonsrk
Participating by phone call

The 8x8 service offers the option to join our meeting room by calling a phone number. Dial: +358 9 42720292 and use the PIN: 911 275 470 # 
You should put your phone to mute when you are not speaking.

The church has several different rooms related to different activities. However, the above-mentioned room is the main room of the church where most meetings are held. Women's ministry has its own room at armonsrk/naiset