Covic-19 -- Safety Instructions for the Church


Welcome - it's great to see you face to face again!

However, if you have any flu symptoms or belong to a high risk group, please follow the meetings online (serious at-risk groups for corona virus 5/2020: over 70 years of age or as underlying disease SERIOUS heart disease, DIFFICULT lung disease, diabetes that involves organ damage, persistent liver / kidney failure, cancer in the treatment phase, oral medication to reduce resistance. Also severe obesity (BMI over 40) and daily smoking increase the risk of serious disease)

Washing your hands often and long enough is still important.

Greeting: We do not recommend people from different families to shake hands or hug (without mutual agreement). The challenge for us is how to show each other that it’s really nice to meet. I myself prefer an elbow or leg greeting. (In addition to hugging, my 4-year-old granddaughter has developed a greeting involving two elbows)

In the meeting room, we will sit with our own families, and maintain the recommended distance to others. Offering / gift will be collected, but the container won't be passed from person to person. Instead the collector will hold the container.

Children will sit with their parents at the beginning of the meeting. Childcare will be organized mainly outdoors at the park. If there are five children or less, we can also be in the nursery room.

Cafe: No food will be served during the summer. The one who is in charge of making coffee (let him/her be alone in the kitchen area!) will serve coffee and add milk / sugar on request. We will sit at tables or weather permitting, some may also be in the backyard.

Covid-19 Infection and Quarantine: With these procedures, there is a very small chance of getting a corona virus at the church, the probability of getting it elsewhere is higher. You will be quarantined if you have been in close contact with one who is infected on the day of the onset of their symptoms or the day before. If I, for example, was diagnosed with corona virus symptoms starting on Tuesday or later in the week, no one at the meeting on Sunday would be quarantined as my close contact. If my symptoms started after the meeting on Sunday or Monday, I would inform the health care of the people with whom I had sat face to face with more than 15 minutes in the same coffee table. No one else.

Humor: It has been recommended while washing your hands to sing “happy birthday to you” twice in order for the washing to last long enough. At the church, you could sing some good and spiritual song, either out loud or in your mind. When this corona era began, a joke circulated in the workplaces: "One must now keep one meter distance to others. The Finn replied “I’m not going so close!”" Thinking about possible air infection in addition to droplet infection, a Finnish proverb says: talking is silver, but silence gold.

Things to think about: Proverbs 25:11, Romans 1:12, Room. 15:32, Room. 16:16, 1Cor. 16:18.

Corona time challenges us all to consider others. You may have actually been at ease when thinking about the corona virus - and that is great! However, let us be sensitive to the concerns or caution of others because they or their relatives may have a disease affecting their immunological defense, or medication of which we are not aware…

If you have anything in mind concerning the corona issue, please get in touch with Kale.