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Polish Autumn Conference 31.10-4.11.2012

Photo from the gold mine at Złoty Stok

The annual Polish Autumn Conference in Bielice will this year be from 31th of October to 4th of November 2012

Original invitation in Polish is available as pdf-file here.
Translation of the invitation:

Evangelical Church Mission of Grace is honored to invite you to a Conference in Bielice 31st Oct- 4th Nov 2012. We will start with a supper together at 7.30 pm on Wednesday and end with a lunch at 1 pm on Sunday.
Costs of the conference (hotel and meals):
4 days x 45 zl/day/person = 180 zl (children 3-7 years 4 x 35zl = 140zl.
Transportation: your own
Theme: Rekindle your grace gift
There will be lots of Word of God, rest and many little trips available.
The last day of registration is 28th Oct 2012.
Please register to: Pastor Tomasz Piszczałka, telephone +48 693 569 876
email: tpiszczalka(at)

The planned schedule:
7.30 pm - Supper
9:30 pm - Fellowship and discussion time

Thursday - Saturday
08:30 am - Breakfast
09:30 am - Prayer
10:00 am - Bible study
11:00 am - Free time
2:00 pm - Lunch
2:30 pm - Free time
5:30 pm - Bible study
7:00 pm - Supper
8:30 pm - Bible study
9:30 pm - Fellowship and discussion

09:00 am - Breakfast
10:00 am - Service
11:30 am - Free time
1:00 pm - Lunch

ATTENTION: Please bring a change of shoes ( slippers) with you.

As additional information that is not mentioned on the invitation I can mention that sleeping bag is optional. There are also blankets waiting for 6 zł additionally.
The conference will be at:
Dom Zborowy Baptystów
Ala i Zbigniew Binięda
Bielice 5, Bielice, 57-550 Stronie Śląskie

Translation to English will be organised at the conference.
The Facebook page in Polish of the conference is at address

You will find short information in English about the village at,_Lower_Silesian_Voivodeship.
Most likely the pages with best information about the village is available in German at pageŚląskie) and in Polish at pagesództwo_dolnośląskie) and
One way to get a translation is always Google Translator at address

But as it was said in the invitation, for more information about the conference and for registration, please contact Pastor Tomasz Piszczałka from our Wrocław church, mobile +48 693 569 876, e-mail tpiszczalka(at)

An other gold mine photo. We maybe can see this photo as something allegorical.


Suomeksi: Puolan syysseminaarista 31.10 - 4.11.2012.